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Orca is a state-of-the-art tech platform designed to facilitate fund formation and capital allocation in Private Markets for General and Limited Partners.

Orca is FREE for Limited Partners.


Cut down on meetings, emails, and phone calls that lead no where, and focus on real opportunities

Engage with Qualified Opportunities  

Save time, fewer emails, fewer and better meetings, more focus, smarter communication, and higher conversion rates.

General Partners

Orca, by Balentic, effortlessly increases your discoverability to LPs globally by sharing high-level information on the Orca platform allowing LPs to find and contact you directly.

Use Orca’s secure and compliant platform to facilitate your inbound lead generation by allowing LPs to proactively find and contact you, and turbocharge your fundraising.

Limited Partners

Orca, by Balentic, makes it easy for Limited Partners to stay up to date and discover GPs and funds, even as the number of investments, GPs, strategies and governance requirements increase.

Use Orca's dynamic investment pipeline overlay to select, view, and manage funds in your investment pipeline. Track any timing changes and never miss deadlines. Orca is free for LPs.

Placement Agents

Orca, by Balentic, extends your market reach, ensuring that LPs proactively can engage with you and the GPs and Funds you represent.

Use Orca to ensure compliance with marketing rules and use data help manage and drive the fundraise for your clients.


LPs on the platform


GPs on the platform